Reebok Steps Into 2013 with Keith Haring Foundation Collection

Sneaker exclusive:

REebok & Keith Haring Foundation, 2013


Hypebeast and  Highsnobiety have definitely brought into light the amazing collection created with the Keith Haring Foundation and Reebok.It's fresh, animated and just plain fun without the extreme gaudy factor done by the beloved Jeremy Scott/Adidas Collections

NEW release:


I would definitely check a variety of Footwear blogs, including Industrie Footwear to see the handful of boutiques that will be carrying the merchandise on Valentines day February 14. How theme appropriate!
Reebok has done a few collections like this before through their Affili' Art Range, where fashion, art and sneakers become one.  The Affili'Art Collection has thus far featured three artists who encompass individuality and authenticity including; Jean-Michel Basquiat, john Maeda and Rolland Berry. 


Worldwide launch: Jan 14,1013

The classic Reebok's are paired with bold colors and directly use color themes represented in the artists work. The Classic Reebok styles with the Haring touch include; NPC II,  Classic Leather Mid, Workout Plus , Classic Leather, and the Freestyle.  
If your interested in these bold sneaks, many more images can be found on Kicksaddict.
Step into 2013 with a bold style that will make any one's head turn for a second glance.

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